Mole Hidden Hanger Attachment

Mole Hidden Hanger Attachment

After being asked by countless customers if there was a way to hide unsightly roof straps, founder George Yost created The Mole Hidden Hanger Attachment. Since it's inception in 1987, it's been successfully installed on thousands of homes across the country. Its design is so unique, it was awarded a United States patent.


Installation is quick and easy. The Mole is secured using a single nail, which is counterflashed by the Mole to prevent water seepage. 

To learn more, watch our instructional video.

Color: Aluminum

Recommended Products: We recommend installing The Mole using The Mole Tool and Mole Nails. The Mole can also be used with 5" Vampire Roof Hangers or 6" Vampire Roof Hangers

Size Box of 250

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