Ironman 6" Reverse Curl Half-Round Gen 2 Gutter Machine

Ironman 6" Reverse Curl Half-Round Gen 2 Gutter Machine

The IronMan 6" Reverse Curl Half Round Gutter Machine comes with a front pull guillotine, single turnstile upright, spool and push button controls. The state of the art design delivers a number of special standard features:

  • Polyurethane Drive Train
    • 3 station polyurethane drive train integral to forming rollers
    • Rollform a broad range of materials (aluminum, copper, steel)
    • Rollform 24 gauge steel
  • Chrome Plated 416 Stainless Steel Radius Forming Rollers
    • Free-floating rollers produce less pressure and more product uniformity
    • Aluminum forming roller (reduces machine weight)
  • Structural Steel Frame
    • Welded tubular frame
  • Modular Turnstile Upright System & Transfer Bars
    • Transfer bars (ease of coil loading)

You can further customize your IronMan with our full array of gutter machine accessories.

Note: Gutter machines are available for pickup only through our website. You can pick up at one of our three locations. To ship via freight, call us at 860.447.9678 or email to place an order.

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