Waterloov 7"
Waterloov 7"

Waterloov 7"

7" Waterloov is installed over a gutter and under the first course of shingles. Water is directed into the front louvers by means of surface tension. The solid top will not allow any debris to penetrate into a gutter. We feel Waterloov is one of the most effective gutter protection systems on the market today.

Size: 7"x36"

Installation: When Installing Waterloov, it's best to use on newly installed gutters. The gutters should be lowered approximately 2" below the first shingle to allow for the 2" height of the Waterloov. If existing gutters were previously installed 2" lower, you may use the Waterloov on them.

On steep pitched roofs, it may be necessary to use a brake to bend an angle in the Waterloov panel to fit the pitch of the roof. On flat roofs, bend a 90 degree lip up on the top of the Waterloov panel to go under the flat roof's drip edge.

Color White
Size 1 Piece

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