3"x4" Oval Outlets

3"x4" Oval Outlets

Yost's 3"x4" oval outlets are cut into either a 5" or 6" gutter to allow a maximum opening for water to enter 3"x4" commercial sized downspouts or elbows. Our outlets feature a flange at the top with pre-drilled screw or rivet holes. To fit inside the standard 5” gutter, cut the flanges off the outlet at the front and rear edges of the outlet.

Recommended Products: Caulk the outlet after installation. We recommend Geocel Gutter Seal 2320 10.6 oz caulking gun cartridges or Geocel Gutter Seal 2321 5 oz. squeeze tubes. You can also use Silicone 8125 or Permanent-Sealer.

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