3"x4" Downspout Straps

3"x4" Downspout Straps

Yost's 3"x4" downspout straps (leader straps) are designed for commercial sized downspouts. The square straps have rounded corners. They feature forming indents for bending into shape and small side tabs the provide a clean appearance. 

Dimensions: 1" wide x 11" long

Gauge: 0.027

Installation: The most common installation method is to wrap the strap around the front of a downspout (leader pipe) and secure it on either side into the wall. Alternatively, you can fasten the strap to the wall in the center and wrap it around the front of a downspout pipe, securing it with two screws at the front. This method works well over masonry or in situations where the tabs on either side of the pipe are not wanted.


Color White
Size 100 per Box

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