2"x3" Downspout Cleats
2"x3" Downspout Cleats

2"x3" Downspout Cleats

Yost's 2"x3" downspout cleats (leader pipe cleats) are used to secure a residential sized downspout to a house.

Installation: Secure the cleat to the rear of a 2"x3" downspout and then install to the wall of a house. 

Recommended Products: The cleat can be secured to a downspout using either 3/8" stainless pan head phillips screws1/4" pop rivets3/8" pop rivets or 1/2" zip screwsYou can secure the cleat to a house using either 2" stainless steel phillips pan head screws1 1/2" woodgrip drill screws, or 2" aluminum nails.

Colors: We stock in white ,but if you need an additional color, they can be painted using our high quality touch up paint.

Size Box of 100

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