.027 Gauge 11 3/4" Gutter Coil

.027 Gauge 11 3/4" Gutter Coil

Yost's .027 gauge 11 3x4" gutter coil is used to make 5" residential gutter. It is a high quality aluminum that allows your gutter machine to smoothly form a gutter.

Price & Quantity: $2.57 per pound (WHITE). $2.67 per pound (COLORS). Coils are plus or minus 400 pounds. We will adjust the price after checkout accordingly.

Note: Price quotes are based on current inventory and subject to change without notice. 

Delivery & Shipping: We deliver to Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. There is a $495 minimum for delivery with a $75 gas charge. Gutter coil shipped outside of our delivery area is sent via freight collect. You will be contacted after purchase with the charge of the freight.


Color White
Size 400 lbs.

Only left in stock