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5" Right End Caps
5" Right End Caps
Code: GA-104
Regular Price:$39.67
Recommendations: These end caps can be installed using a end cap crimper, product code TL-SL2. You can also secure them with pop rivets, product code R-44-( ), or screws, product code GA-124P-410. You can seal them with S-GEO-2320-( ) , S-GEO-2321-( ), SEAL-PERM or SIL- ( ).
Specifications: Pieces: 100

Size: 5"
Quantities: 100 per Box
Notes: Bar Code 00050001
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
Product Description:

YOST 5" aluminum end cape slide over the right end of a 5" residential gutter and can be either crimped on, screwed on or pop riveted on

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