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5" Vampire Roof Hanger
5" Vampire Roof Hanger
Code: GA-100
Regular Price:$70.64
Recommendations: You would use the TL-113 (Vampire Tool) for the installation of the vampire into the gutter. You can conceal the roof strap using the GA-122-Mole (Mole Hidden Hanger Attachment)
Specifications: Pieces: 100

Size: 5"
Quantities: 100 per Box
Notes: Bar Code 0004000100
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
Product Description:

YOST 5" Vampire Roof Hangers are constructed with heavy duty aluminum. These hangers are used with a 5"residential gutter, when you do not have a flat fascia board and you have to secure to the roof. The teeth on the Vampire actually pierce through the back of the gutter providing a positive grip. The rivet used in joining the bar hanger with the roof strap is a solid aluminum rivet that will not pull apart

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